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Dear Boyfriend

Friday, March 05, 2010

Dear Boyfriend,

  • DO NOT keep her a secret! The ONLY time this is ever acceptable is from your parents. & That is still to a LIMIT. -Right!
  • Touch her! Not like a hornyass, but hold her hand, cuddle with her, grab her from behind, hold her. Make sure she knows you never want to let go.
  • This one is just common sense. Tell her you love her, & MEAN IT.
  • Don’t be afraid to show her off. If you are, she’ll think you’re just a pussy & the relationship will most likely die.
  • Call her just to say hi. Have deep conversations with her. Talk to her until she falls asleep. Maybe even continue talking to her even when she is asleep. -like
  • Call her Goodmorning & Goodnight. Be the first & last voice she hears every day.
  • Tell her she’s beautiful. COMPLIMENT her. Especially when she’s feeling her worst.
  • SURPRISE her. Don’t be cheap!
  • BE NICE to her family & friends. This is a huge one, guys! -True
  • LISTEN to her vent. She’ll really need it. If she’s pissed off, let her hit you. If she’s sad, give her your shoulder to cry on. If you can’t give her advice, just let her know you’re listening.
  • Be TRUTHFUL. Don’t lie. Be LOYAL. Don’t cheat. Be SINCERE. Don’t be a dick.

(Drabbed it. From the post of someone in my tumblr account)

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