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New Hairstyle Again

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another trip to the salon. I decided to have a haircut again. Well, that was really my plan after graduation. Now, this is it. Shorter hair na, compared from my last haircut. Feel na feel ko talaga sya because of my haircut, my chin was emphasize. Baka magulat mga tao, biglang sabihin na, "Shit! may baba pala si aby." Dahil sobrang round face ko. hahaha. My plan to have a full bangs was not successful but I still have a bangs, sideways nga lang. More on, Yeng Constantino minus the full bangs yung look ko for now. I don't have any pictures to post. Maybe next time.

Guess what? I went first to Tony and Jackey for Daisy, one of the great hairstylist in the salon, unfortunately the promo they have was not available. From 300php to 500php haircut, imagine that! too expensive darling! I wanna cry out loud. Its been always Daisy, who cuts my hair. So instead to postpone my haircut session, I went to David's Salon. The price was reasonable than T&J salon. I'm sure they made a good job. :)


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