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Keso de Bola

Monday, April 26, 2010

Keso de Bola - not the real cheese, it has another meaning "Cheesy na bola". Right! this are for the guys,who use some certain sobrang cheesy lines of banat and bola words. I know girls can relate to certain fact. So don't be fooled by the cheese that they got. HAHA

Seriously, I rather hear the story of he's life than the cheesy lines guys will say to me just to get into something even though they are not that sincere enough. Share some secrets and tell me the truth and that's better. I'm a sucker for stories. I'm really a listener than a sharer. It takes time for me to spill the beans. I usually observe first, if the person is someone who I can trust, be afraid.. Be really afraid because once I start talking. No one can stop me. I talk a lot too but to certain people only. There are times, I don't speak. Too lazy. HAHA

Moreover, I love to laugh so make me laugh, not about cheesy banats but to the true-to-life experiences. Sometimes I literally want to gag, when a person keeps on telling me banats na sunod sunod. Nakakasuka, totoo! Hello, bakit ka ganyan? wala ka bang alam gawin at sabihin kung di mga letcheng kung anu-ano. I see a capital B-O-L-E-R-O in you! So just shut up, if you're not doing any good. I feel negativity from the start, it's bad. Especially if I just met a person just a couple of days or months, then he keeps on insisting and asking random awkward questions. He's out of the game. NEXT! :))

People like this are not WORTH IT!

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