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I'm Hired!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What I good start for the month of JUNE! I have my first ever job in my life. When I heard the words, " YOU'RE HIRED! FOR [insert the amount of salary] " It was cherry on the top. It made me smile all throughout the day. I can't help it but to feel lucky and anxious. First of all, it took a lot of hours before it sinked into my mind. Ms. Lorie, one of the HR in the company, was the one assisting me in the process of being employed. She gave me a lot of paper to fill it out and the list of the requirements. I'm so overwhelm that day. I started the next day of the day I was hired.

I looked like a lunatic when I stepped out of the building because I can't hide my happiness and my smile. I hurriedly texted my mom and my friends. I called them and told them the good news. Yey! When I was walking thru the walk way of makati, I turned on my ipod. Then, I started listening to the music. That was weird, want to know why..? because even though the music was a sad song or a party song, I have one reaction. SMILE the whole time. Added that I'm just alone walking. Creepy! It doesn't make sense. I'm so happy! =)) CONGRATS to me! REALITY, I'M LIVING IT! one workaholic girl will be born someday! No more vacation. Time to be serious but don't forget to live in the moment.


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