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Saturday, July 10, 2010

It’s been a while since I was assigned in graveyard shift. Poor little me! I was like wut?! Seriously? First job and yeah graveyard. I pity myself. Haha Because everytime I went to the office people were going home but me no! haha Sadness. TRUE! I am not really used to it. First week was nightmare!!! Sleepy much. I can’t help to be sleepy for every time I have a chance. ZOMBIE! That’s me! I have no choice. Why me? That’s the only question puffs into my mind. But as time comes, I’m adjusting and adjusting. I can do it. I’m the best. Hahaha Just being positive all the time. Doubts really came up to my head. I can’t stop but to overthink any situation. Kulang lang pala ako sa tulog narealize ko kaya drama dramahan ako minsan.

From now on, ako na si Bella at ikaw na ang Edward ko. Pwede na din ako maging si batgirl basta ikaw ang batman ko. =)) Taong panggabi! Ako na nga kong ako na! haha See? I’m starting to be cranky. Hahaha forgive me! When I came out in our office, my eyes hurts because of the sunshine, so I always wear my shades. Hindi na ko nag-aayos kasi naman, wala ng makakakita sa akin. Dilim e. Make up?? Nakakatamad. Too lazy to fix myself. But when I’m out with my friends or family dun na lang bumabawi sa pag-aayos ng itsura. Eyebags?? My number one dilemma! Dark circles around my eyes? Bullshit! Pumapangit na talaga ako,. Hahaha kaya gusto ko na magresign minsan e. Just kidding. Ibang topic na pag resign ang pinaguusapan. Okie? Next time.

Food for thought:
“ Things change and everything changes.
All we can do is to adopt and to accept.”


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