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Friday, July 16, 2010

Some called it TWIN SOUL or TWIN FLAME. Cheesy as it may seem, that’s the topic all about. Have you felt that you’ve met your own soulmate? Have I? Well, weird but I can’t stop to think of it that maybe or somehow I met him. Hahaha Oo na, ako na ang feeling-ngerang kokak. Hahaha I can feel it. I want to divert my thought about him unfortunately, I can not. I just can’t. It’s like I am talking to myself, every time we have the chance to talk. He makes me feel I’m not alone. He’s like the guy version of me. Even though I met him in flesh for a few times, I felt like I known him for so long. We don’t have a chance to see each other as much I or we want. I dunno if he wants to see me. Parang ewan ko, hindi natutuloy. Feeling-ngerang kokak nga kase ako e. hahahaha. Neber minds… Pretend you never read that part. Right now, I am on the phase of my life that I have the desire to meet and to mingle with a lot of people though I’m a little timid at times. I should be outgoing! Fear factor! hahaha If I tried to have a deeper conversation with different and new people it feels like he/ she is trusting me with his/her life. It feels great! I'm happy for some simple ways of sharing he/her life with me. It also a way to find the "SOULMATE" I've been looking for. I'm sure it will be a big step to be closer and closer to the one. It might not the one that I expect but it will be the one that I'll be getting along for so long. We might not end up with each other, but who knows. Only God knows. Keep on praying for the right one and God will give the one you deserve not the one you want. Everyday I have the reason to be excited and to be surprised. I'm just preparing myself that it might be YOU. :))


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