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First Clubbin' for Twenty-Eleven

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last January 15, Saturday, I had fun with my high school friends @ REPUBLIQ, Resorts World. After long years, it's my first time to hang out with them again(well, some of them). I miss high school life. We danced all night till we drop. Yeah. I got freaky freaky with my ladies. hahaha Booze, music plus friends are the perfect equation for FUN.

We're one of the early birds arrived. =)
Bacardi 151 -- It never fails.

Baileys with Cherry on top.

We agreed that every month or if we are free, we're going to parteh!!! Cool! Lovin' that idea. We finished around 3am or 4am then, we had a Mcdo drive thru. All I can say, It was a heck of a night! =) Looking forward to see them again and to parteh!

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  1. chill or dance the night away, your call, your choice of music next time.
    bigong-bigo theme :)


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