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Happy 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello! Happy New Year! It's kinda late for the greeting. Well, what the heck! I don't care. :))

I know.. This is uberly late but I'll be "serious blogger" this year. I have more time now than last year. So last December 31,2010 and January 01,2011... as always I spend my New Year with my fun and loving family. Here are some pictures:

ME! waiting @ the car. Nah, just trying our luck to
have good photos with my sister.

This is us. ME and FAMILY. and of course! FOOD!

(sister, mom, me & grandmother)
*Web cam mode* my mom isn't ready. hohoho
my grandmother is playing cool, posing with us.

my sister wanting a jump shot.

That's for now. I'll update my blog if ever I have new events in my life. Since I started to have a tumblr account, I became addicted to that site. Major reason why I haven't post anything fun lately. Soon! Don't worry, I'll recover. I'll start posting here and there again. I can do this. Have faith! Hmm.. Wait, I think my blog needs a make over, right?! I'll do it this weekend, if ever I don't have some getaways with friends.

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