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Forever Starts Now

Saturday, April 09, 2011

For the last couple of months I have been eying for the opening of Forever 21 in SM Makati. Finally, it's here! No need to go to SM Megamall, I live in the down south so it much convenient for me and to the others people who lives near Makati area. The day of the opening was really "PANIC BUYING MOMENT", people were all over the place. I want to buy something but the line on the cashier was so long. My patience was not long for that day so I decided to go back next time.

A picture from my phone. - 1st day of forever 21

Sunglasses with leopard print on the sides.
When I went back, people were still on the process of panic buying. I also joined them and bought my new pair of sunglasses. Yes! a new one. I don't have enough time so I haven't bought any clothes. Till next time. :)

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