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Good Friday 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified. For the commemoration of His death, Roman Catholics always have what you called "Prusisyon". It is when people mourn for his death, people walk as a sacrifice with the saints. 

Usually during prusisyon, I am with my grandmother but since last year she can't walk far enough because of her aching back or hips. *signs of old age* hehehe This year, I decided to contact my friends (since grade school) to join me. I texted them, some of them replied, I am thankful they're willing to accompany me thru out the night. Yey! one of the saint was owned by the family of my friend.

Sta. Maria De Betania

San Juan

People who joined the Prusisyon - this was the time we took the shortcut to watch the prusisyon from the start till the end. Then, we saw another friend and invited us to her grandmother's balcony.

After the prusisyon, the crowd were busy taking pitures, praying or getting the flowers from the saints.

From a far..
Moreover, I saw my family in the plaza, they just watched. When time to go home, I stayed for a while and chill at my friend's house after the event. We ate spaghetti, chit-chat and catched up with each other. I love holy week! =)

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