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Happy 1st Birthday Maxx!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Remember Maxx?

Let me introduce to you again my Maxx. My first love. hihihi He is my first ever romance. hihihi I feel all the butterflies in my stomach every time I say MAXX. hahaha I kidd. Max is my DSLR I bought him last year. My Canon 550d, he is doing well. I am so in love with photography that's why I work hard to earn him. I save tons of money to be with him. No one can touch nor borrow him. (Oh! my selfish love. so possessive. haha) I treat him like a boyfriend, a best friend and a friend. I always bring him to any special events in my life. He makes memories so special and HD (high definition) with his 18 megapixels. I just can’t bring him with me every single day because you know here in the Philippines; it is not so safe to bring some hi-tech gadgets while commuting. Anyway, I have been thinking I want to buy him a friend, a point and shoot camera, for far gatherings and if ever every day blogging experience. A camera I can share with my family. =)

I am looking forward for more adventures with Maxx to share it with my readers if I have one. hahaha

 If you want to remember and read my first ever blog about Maxx. The title is "Finally, My First", Click HERE!  :)

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