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New Comment Box and Contact Page

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello, Friends!!! :) I have revamp my blog for a better commenting experience. I installed Commentluv, share/save for facebook, twitter, Google +, Digg, Myspace and etc., smiley and check spelling. You can also use your accounts with IntenseDebate, Twitter, Wordpress and OpenID (for other blogs) to link in your post or account in my blog. IZ DIZ GETTIN' BETTER?? hahaha This excite me even more, especially with your comments. Plus you can read my reply in a trending format, it looks more organized. To those looking for a better comment box, try using this. Install IntenseDebate on your own blogs. I recommend it. :)

old and unorganized.

new and cool.

If you want to contact me. Click CONTACTS in my header. :)
In additional, I also updated my Contact page. I included my email address, tumblr url and my facebook. If you want to get in touch with me just use those information. Okie? I hope we will have a collaboration project. It will be fun and exciting.

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