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Bruno: The Shih Tzu

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Met our baby Bruno, is he so adorable? He is the newest added bundle of joy in our family. Someone gave him to us. One big thank you, I will call him “Daddy Long Legs” from now on. Hahaha We waited for the day he arrived. I can’t believe that we will have a dog in our house. He helps us to cease all the stress whenever we are home. 

The Shih Tzu named Bruno. :)
Let me give some information about Bruno:
Name: Bruno
Age: 5 months (when he arrived he was just 3 months old) 
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, running, chewy our shoes!!! 
Tricks: fetch, sit, down, roll over (more to come in the following months) 
Toys: rubber bone, small teddy bear and ball 

Fluffy =)
Let’s go back to memory lane. Before when I was a child, I am not so close with any dogs unlike now. I don’t play with them because they kinda smell bad. But Bruno smells good because my mom always make sure he will take a bath every other three days. He is also groomed once a month plus complete with shots like anti-rabies, temperance, deworming, etc. He is so healthy little Shih Tzu. 

He smiles for the camera. :)
When I came back from work, he will jump excitedly. As if he really wants to see me. He likes to bite my shoes and sleepers. Huhu He loves tummy rub and he won’t stop wiggling his paws until you stop rubbing his tummy. He knows where to poop and pee. Mostly, He is so fluffy. I love hugging him tight. He is like our baby brother in our home. To those people who want a pet make sure to be responsible enough to take good care of them.

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