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Year Ender Post for 2012

Sunday, January 06, 2013

I have been blogging since Tabulas days. I have never taken it seriously until 2011 or 2012 arrived. Last year opened a lot of doors in my blogging career (Ano daw? Haha Career talaga? Hahaha). I also encountered some personal problems. You know life, she always bombards us with challenges to help us grow and make adulthood thrilling.

A screenshot from our video chat, before his operation. He was in the hospital that time. :)

Moreover, the start of 2012 was something to remember, my hunny got sick and he undergone major operation. His gallbladder burst and poof! It became coco crunch. Haha Kidding. I don’t know how to explain it with the medical terms, basta his gallbladder was removed. So here I am, best supporting girlfriend. I am so caring and lavin. Haha Anyways, thinking of the things I did last year is so hard. I have amnesia. I am amnesia girl. Hahaha Wait... Let me think.
Remember my old blog layout?

So here it is a recap. Last year, I finally gave in and made an account on Lookbook and Twitter. I got addicted to twitter and got a blackberry from globe. Then, I revamp the layout of my blog. It increased my blog’s page views. I bought a domain name. It gave me more opportunities on blogging like exchange links, paid post, Zalora brand ambassador, product reviews, freebies, collaborations, sponsorship and affiliates. I am so glad and very thankful for trusting me and becoming a part of my blogging experience.

PFW with Cecil.
Photoshot with Bruno. :)

I attended my first ever Philippine Fashion Week with my high school friend, Cecil. We were so lucky to be invited for VIP seat. It was fun. Then, Bruno arrived, our wonder dog. He is our stress reliever and really became part of our la familia. Of course! How will I ever forget my BC Blogger family, they are one of a kind and kept on dealing with my blog whatever I have been posting. Thank you so much. I feel like I have known them in person by reading their blogs. It feels like I belong to a wonderful community. They are friendly and supportive. Join now. Hehe

My instagram photos from my InstaWeekends :) Follow me @ abylovinu

What else? Instagram made it to Android, that’s why my instaweekend segment was created. I promise for 2013, I will continue posting those photos and keep on narrating what happened on those photos from instagram.

@Tagaytay with my boys
@Potipot, Zambales
@Balai Isabel, Batangas

How about travel? For the start of 2012, I went to Tagaytay with my college friends for a post-Christmas Party. For summer, we went to Potipot Island, Zambales. For random days, we visit Tagaytay, Cavite and Batangas once in a while. For the December, I was invited to go to Balai, Isabel for a birthday celebration. I haven’t blog it yet. I will post a separate blog post for it.

duck face! hahah to end 2012 with my photo. hihi

Lastly, I promise for 2013, I will keep on blogging. I will share more photos, outfit post and I am hoping for more giveaways in my blog. Thank you for the continuous support and love for me and my blog. Thank you!

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