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Bel-Air Residences Brings Me To Bohol

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bel-Air Residences Brings Me To Bohol.. Soon! Watch out for it!

I saw a tweet last Wednesday from Nuffnang Philippines tagging me with the photo above on it. I was dumbstruck! I thought I won 500 GC or free movie pass. Then, when I realize it was from Bel-air Residences. I died in front of my blackberry. Hahahaha I never thought I would win in those kind of contest where they need creativity, presentation and uniqueness. I know many people are better than me. Actually, I thought I have more chances in the contest such as first 100 or first 50 to blog about this and that. But to win with the criteria like that. I never thought of it. Haha It makes me kilig. Hihihi

I have won a ticket for two (2) to Bohol (via Philippine Airlines) from the “Bel-Air Residences Brings You to Bohol & Boracay” Blogger Contest. Wow! Sounds fun! Plus the fact I want to go to Bohol and Cebu is near Bohol. This is an adventure to look upon. Horrreeyyy! Victory Dance baby!

I am so happy right now. I have been thinking what if I won a million cash prize I might cry or fainted due to happiness. Hahaha This is a blessing. Thank you Lord! Thank you Nuffnang Philippines and Bel-Air Residences for choosing my blog entry. I am sure, I will have a great time  exploring Bohol soon. I also want to thank the bloggers and the people, who congratulated me! mwah Sweet! Thank you again! XD

By the way, fellow bloggers, readers and just wondering around, have you been to Bohol? Can you tell me the best places in Bohol and Cebu? Please! I need your help. Tell me your experiences. I am excited to hear your stories and your suggestions. 
If you are wondering where is the post that they have chosen, here it is. CLICK HERE! :)

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