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Do-It-Yourself: Box in Box Organizer from ShopThisEasy.com

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello friends, I been so lazy bum bum for the past few days. I have writer's block. I experience it from time to time. I have a lot of backlogs but I am on a situation sometimes that I don't know what to blog. I hope I would not experience it again. hehe So according to my previous post here, I will blog a separate post about the Box in Box. So here it is! TA-DA! Ready?

The instructions! I cannot understand it so i would just followed the photos step by step.

Here is the base of the box.

The box for the sides.

The box in front.

There are the boxes in front too. Colorful!

1.) Fold the cardboard like this! hahaha All of the sides with small sides should be in 
the middle of the box.

2.) Now, fold it like this.. hehe then when you see the color white side of the cardboard it
should over lap with the colored one.

3.) After overlapping, it would look like a box now. There's a part of the cardboard with no folds, it will be placed in the middle of the box. Just like the photo.

TA-DA! The finish product. All of the boxes have the same pattern and instructions so it means you would repeat it to the Nth time until you have finished all of the boxes.

Done with all of the boxes!!!

Finish product!!! =)

This box in box is available (HERE!) for only P99 only! I think every OC girls out there should have this kind of organizer. It can an organizer for make ups, beauty products, accessories, school supplies and more.

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