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Hauls from ShopThisEasy.com: Neclakce, Earrings and Box Organizer

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A day before my birthday, I received a parcel from ShopThisEasy.com. I was surprised at that time. I was not expecting anything that day. I can say they are easy to transact with and they ship immediately. I was like going gaga because of the excitement I have been feeling of opening it. You know girls, sometimes they are emotionally high with every feelings they have and yes! I am having those kinds of moments then. When I opened it, I fell in love with every item I received. Hihi Bliss was all over the room. 

So here are the items, take a look at the photos:

Diamond Kitty Pearl Earrings – I just died when I opened the box. It is lovely. The details are magnificent. Meow! 

Lovely Glitter Necklace – will surely corporate it with my #OOTD soon! It is very fancy. I can wear it with a dress and it will automatically transform a simple dress to a one fab outfit. 

Cardboard Boxes Organizer [Polka Dots] – When I saw this, I have no idea how can it be an organizer. I hurriedly read the instructions but it was in Korean Language. So I just pretended I know Korean. Hahaha then followed the instructions by looking at the photos. I will make a separate post for this. It was fun doing it. I actually assembled it right after I open the parcel. I am one hyper kid that day. 

ShopThisEasy.com - They live with their motto "Shopping has never been this easy!". I recommend this online shop! with seal of approval!

For more info:

Twitter: @ShopThisEasy

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