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Review: Urbanears Bagis (Coral) from Lazada.com

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have been itching to buy a new headphones. I kept on searching and searching the internet, where the heck I could buy a good pair of headphones. It took me a while before I made my final decision because there were a lot of choices especially if you will search it on Lazada.com. Yes, it took me days to decide. You know girls; they keep on changing their minds a.k.a fickle minded.

It was head to head with Philips and Urbanears but I have decided to choose Urbanears. For the reason, it is more stylish and it has a good sound quality. I like the color too. CORAL it is a little bit peachy and pinkish. Hehe Anyways, I bought it thru Lazada.com. After I ordered it online, I think the next thing I knew it was in front of my door already. How fast and convenient, right?
How delightful I was when I saw this when I arrived home. 

To know more about Urbanears, here’s a short clip:

Unboxing Urbanears Bagis Coral. Check out the box, extraordinary!

It is so cute! Look at the color. hehehe

The box contains the in-ears headphones, ear sleeves with different sizes, stickers, warranty and a booklet with informations about Urbanears.

Ear sleeves with different sizes. This was one of the reasons why I bought an Urbanears in-ears headphones, they have different sizes for different ears. Unlike the other in-ears headphone they have a default sleeve.  I have a small ears. Therefore, I am so happy they have the small sleeves. Yey! Good job!

For the sound quality, I will give them 9 out of 10. Very clear and it erases noise from the reality. Yes, so true. It feels like you are in your own world once you have them on. It is designed for iphones, blackberry, and htc. It also has a mic so you can use it for phone calls or voice recording.  It is so stylish I am loving every minute and every second I am using it. 

I also want to share with you a PHP 300 Discount Voucher code: LZDbrDgr for A MINIMUM WORTH of P3000 PURCHASE for Lazada.com. Enjoy your online shopping. 

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