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What's in my mailbox for the month of July?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For the past days weeks, I received a lot of unexpected packages from different online stores and orders from the magical internet. hehehe Yes. It is really magical indeed. Why? For the reason that I made friends and help random people from different parts of the world to promote their businesses and products. One day will come that I would need a few bloggers to promote my online store, "All Things Fit". So stay tune, I might send you an email to advertise my online store. hehe

Here are the awesome things I received from awesome people:
Revamp sent me a lot of cute things. I didn't expected it. I received some bracelets and a printed sleeveless. I definitely incorporate in on my #OOTD next time!

I have been using Belle de Jour for a few years now. I annually answer their survey just for fun. I didn't expect to be one of the first 500 bellas to receive a BDJ forget-me-not cash tracker and ideas journal. I am loving it. I am currently using it get on track for the orders in my online shop. I am hoping to write your name too, once you ordered. hihihi ;)

Waaahhhh, I haven't posted my review from these products. Too many backlogs. I am so sorry. I am so busy with work, extra work and then my online shop. I am so happy I still keep it up with my blog (even though, I blog a little non-sense lately) and ComEx. From sample room!

Lovely accessories from Rings & Tings! Super love the necklace with the word LOVE! #OOTD the soonest!

Another jewelry from ClothingLoves.com, it took me a little while to get in on the post office. I have no time to get it during the office hours. So I set a vacation leave to claim them. Of course! #OOTD!

Thank you to the people, who sent these items! I can't wait to use them! Till my next "What's in my mailbox?" post.

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