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24 Things in My Dream List

Monday, May 12, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (Credits from babsdraws)

Starting from now on, I will post my dream list every year. I will share to you my experiences whether it happen or will soon happen. As of now, it will start on the lucky number 24 because as of today, I am officially looks like 18 years old but in reality I am effin 24 years old.haha (feeling baby fes) I am already on a legal age few years ago. Haha It is so hard to be an adult. T_T You start pay bills or you should act mature. The hell! It was easy to be a kiddo but you know the perks of being an adult? You can earn moolah and do whatever you want to it. Buy toys, barbies and leggos. Hahahaha (char! That’s for younger people) Adults should start preparing for the future like buy a house, a car, invest and save. Sounds easy but not! Anyways, back to my dreeeeaaammm list. Let’s start!

  1. Buy my own house.
  2. Learn how to drive and have my own car.
  3. Upgrade my phone to Iphone
  4. Own a mac book pro or whatever is the lastest
  5. Redesign my room (which includes buying a new bed and a closet)
  6. Enroll myself to photography lessons
  7. Enroll myself to short courses such as baking, bag making and fashion journalism
  8. Eurotrip
  9. Skydiving
  10. Zip line (i know, i haven't tried it yet)
  11. Reach 4,000 or more likes on facebook page
  12. Reach 1,000 or more followers on twitter
  13. Reach 1,000 or more followers on bloglovin
  14. Experience the bloom of cherry blossom in Tokyo, Japan
  15. Ride an elephant in Thailand, Bangkok
  16. Party hard in Boracay, Philippines
  17. Visit the underground river in Palawan, Philippines
  18. Climb a mountain
  19. Get married
  20. Buy an oven (Of course! for baking!)
  21. Lose 10lbs or be healthy or try Anti-gravity yoga
  22. Resign and get a new job.
  23. Go to a retreat
  24. Start my own business 

I will add something every year to my dream list and cross out the finished one. In short, I will update my list. I hope I can reach my goals. Wish me luck! How about you? What are the things in your dream list? Share it with us.

"She turned her can'ts into cans, and her dreams into plans." (Credits from lbeeandthemoneytree.com)

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