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Look # 34: She Likes

Monday, May 05, 2014

She likes to dress up. She likes to wear makeup. She likes to wear pink for summer! Hahaha Really? Nah!! Hahaha (paEpek lang yung intro) I usually dress for comfort. Most of the time, I wear my Toms for work. Haha Yes! But on weekends, I try to be adventurous with fashion. (Me ganon?? hihi) I am not an expert on fashion but I know what’s hot and what’s good in the eyes (Well, mostly to my eyes hahaha I am very biased.). For my post today, I matched my dress with my sneakers because according to converse, “Shoes are boring, wear sneakers!” so I wear one to this outfit post. To add some extra summer vibe on my outfit, I added a layer of crochet vest from my mom and TA-DA! Summer look! I hope you like it! 

I cropped my face. I don't looked nice on that shot. haha Well, this is an #OOTD post, I think this photo counts. hehe

Neon Pink Dress from Forever 21 | Crochet Vest from my mom's closet (thanks mom!) | Sneakers from Converse

Wrist Watch from Guess | DIY Rainbow looms from the convenient store (I made those!!! I will blog about it soon! Wait for it!)

Pink Sneakers from Converse (Thank you to my Uncle Ronald, who gave my first ever sneakers when we visited him in Hong Kong. It was years ago. hahaha) Well, I have my own motto when it comes to sneakers, the older and the dirtier the better!!! Do you agree?

To end the post, a close up photo of myself. Mwaaaahhh hihihi

By the way, I got the title of my post from this song:

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