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My Belkin Wishlist

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

At the mall, I saw some of the useful and unique items from Belkin that I thought it doesn't exist. Well, I am wrong. When I got home, I searched for it in the internet and discovered more items from Belkin. I decided to share with everyone my beloved list that I am wishing to have for this holiday season. *wink wink* Got it, I want this for Christmas. 

First, the Belkin Mixit Charge Cable in color blue because I love blue. Haha I am a person who loves color why should I settle for black or white cord if I can have it in my favorite color, right? 

Second will be the Belkin Sport-Fit Plus Armband, I super want this. Well, because this is also blue like the cord on my first item. Then, when I am having my workout, it will be no hassle to bring a phone and play my favorite jam when I groove to the moves. While running, doing some curl ups and whatever action or moves I will do I know, it will be definitely stay on my arms no matter what! My phone is 100% secure. 

One of the best charger port for a car, I have ever seen! No more racing to charge on the only usb port in the car, everyone will have chance to charge their gadgets simultaneously. That's why it is called road rockstar! Rock on! *WANT WANT WANT!!!*

To those people who loves to travel, we need this. It is a necessity. You can be anywhere and everywhere. Charging our phone with whatever sachet, it will not be our problem anymore. No need to buy extra adapter just to plug your gadgets because you have it all in this charger kit. Travelers are drooling right now because I am. Hahaha @-@

Lastly, I am saving the best item for finale. I need and want it badly. If I have this, no need to bring the long cords everywhere because I can charge my phone, share photos or videos in this damn little accessory. Very fashionable and discreet. I can attached it with my keys, or with my bag. Who would thought, it can be a huge part of our lives. haha 

I also include my wishlist on Lazada. For more Belkin's items, visit Lazada site, make sure it is Belkin Ph by Macpower for original items :)

So how about you? Which one do you like the most?

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