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I am Engaged!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Last June 29, 2016, I got engaged with my beau for 5 years. Yey! Hahaha Another milestone was achieved with our relationship. He proposed at The Nest in Vivere Hotel, Alabang. It was a simple yet sweet moment. Somehow, I have a hint of his little sweet gesture for me. But then again, I am still a bit surprised on how he delivered his speech. Haha Awkward nya eh! Charot! I mean nervous. Before the big moment, let me start from the top... *dreamy effect please* 

That same day, I was not feeling well. I almost stayed at the clinic the whole day. I have sore throat, cough, colds and UTI too. My day was getting better, right? Guest what? The following week, my cough was not just an ordinary cough it was pneumonia. Anyways, that's another story. Hihi There was also an event on my office. It was our welcome slash blessing of our new office. We had cocktails and special number. I was too sick to function that day. I did not even finished the event, I went straight to Vivere hotel for our dinner. Btw, grab drivers cancelled my request for the nth time before the right driver arrived. I somehow want to faint that day. Haha God is good. The driver who fetched me was really accommodating. I am really sorry for not giving you 5 stars because the grab app crashed. If ever you read this, 5 stars for griffindors. Lelz

When I went up to the rooftop, I saw him in the side of the window with the wonderful view to look at. Unfortunately, it was raining and the raindrops was splashing on our faces. So we need to transfer to other table, in the middle and almost beside the band. Hahaha We started eating.. yummm yummm yummm..

Then again, the rain just keep on splash because of the wind. We ask for other place to stay. That time, we were inside. It was nice because we have privacy than before. We ordered our desserts. Mango creme brûlée and he ordered a coffee. I was busy snapping. Then, when I am done with the filters and sh*t. I saw him with the ring. My brain cells panic for a while. 

I said.. "Now na yan?" Hahaha He said, "Will you marry me?" With a doubt, I said "YES! Saan speech mo?" Hahahaha I looked at the ring, simple yet stunning and shiny. Bet ko! Hihi Then, he told be the story on how he started liking slash loving me since high school and how it never changed. Ganda ko bhe! LOL. Moreover, while we are having our moment, teary eyes na nga kami. The an expected.. the waiter came with the dessert. Ayun. Sira moment. Hahaha Ayun. Engaged na ako! Saya lang! Now we are preparing for the wedding, so maybe I will posting my wedding preparations in my blog. Hihi 

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I am getting married with my first and last boyfriend!!! Yey!!! 

P.S. - Don't rush love. Let love find you at the right time.


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