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Popsockets Phone Stand and Grip from Georgina Sasha

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I learned about the popsockets from my colleague. I was intrigued and she showed me how to used it. Then, I realized I want one!!! Hahaha So I searched a lot of online shops and the one who has the best offer was from Georgina Sasha site. Looks legit than the others.

I bought three popsockets. The donut design was supposedly for my sister but I realized my mom need it the most. Haha She has a new phone back then and a little bigger for her hands. The good vibes design was for my hubby. 

Look at those unicorn stickers! Cuteness!

Here is mine. The Galaxy design. I immediately decided to try it in my phone. 

Now, my phone is easy to grip. 


The Verdict:

For Georgina Sasha - even though it was my first time to a have a transaction with this site. It can be trusted. I made my research first before buying (as always). The site has a lot of good reviews. Easy and fast transaction it was. After the confirmation of the payment, the items we ordered were received within the week. Woot! The quality of the products were in good condition. The unicorn stickers they included added smile in my face. I love unicorns. Haha My new obsession. We also got free shipping because we reached more than 1000 Php. 

For Popsockets - it was easy to use. Just stick it in your phone where you feel most comfortable with it. For me, the best place will be the lower middle of the phone. I have been using it for months now and it is still here in my phone case. I can’t live without it now. Hahaha it helps me grip my phone or it can be used as a stand if you will be showing or watching a video in your phone. It can be transferred too easily. If you think it has less stickiness, just dab some water in the sticky part. Then, viola! It will have a strong hold again like the last time you tried it.

Overall I will give both of them
5 stars out of 5 stars. 

For more information, visit Georgina Sasha's Facebook and Online Store.

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