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Wedding 101: Hair by Axel Alferez

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hair and makeup go hand in hand especially during one of our special events in life like our wedding day, right? For me that’s why you need to splurge a little with both of them. Well most of the time, makeup artist have their own hairstylist. Package sila. Best example will be Ate Bunny and Axel Alferez. No need to find a hairstylist by your own. Most of the time, your makeup artist got your back. Haha ;)

Before meeting up with your glam team, make sure to save some photos of your pegs for the special day or for your pre-nup shoot. Tell them in advance, if you will have a few accessories you want to corporate in your hair during the day. It will be so much fun preparing and planning everything and ask them some suggestions too, if the look you are trying to copy will look good on you.

During our pre-nup shoot, you can CHECK IT HERE

This up do was during our pre-nup shoot again. CLICK IT HERE to view the final product.

Up do with my crown from my tita in UAE, thank you for sponsoring! 

Curly hair for our preparation shoot

Front view - excuse my chubby fez hahaha

Up close photo for my up do.. super nice!

After the mass, we have a touch up. I gave Axel my hair extensions. I thought it will not be used because my hair color was a little different from the one I bought. However, it blended nicely. Super loved it. She made it werk. I bought my hair extensions in divisoria for only 200 Php. That's why, so I am so happy I was able to used it. Hindi nasayang ang pagiinarte ko hahahaha

Groupie with my glam team! (Ate Bunny, me and Axel)

Gulat mode. 

The Verdict:

My hairstylist during my pre-nup shoot and wedding was Axel Alferez. She was with Ate Bunny (the pretty makeup artist haha). Both of them were easy to work with, fun and very kind. They really assisted me, all throughout. 

Axel executed my instructions very well. I grabbed some photos from Pinterest and showed it to her. Ayun. She did her thing and the results were amazing. I really love my hair during our wedding day plus with the extensions she added before the reception. My long curly hair. Hahaha feel na feel ko lang talaga and imagine for a cheap hair extensions I looked expensive. :D So sulit!!! I let her do her thing, she knows it better than me. So care bears na ako, basta the results are good. I am happy. Basta pretty, happy. :)) No need to stress about too much details, especially on your special day. Let the professionals do their work. *wink*  

If I will have another big event, I will surely ask for their services without a blink of an eye and recommend them to everyone. 

I will rate her performance overall with 5 out of 5 stars.

P.S. I will post about my hiatus soon! The big reveal. :)) 

For more information:

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Contact No.: 09503969055

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