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Review: Kimono Rental - Yume Kyoto Gion Shop

Monday, January 22, 2018

During our tour in Kyoto, we wanted to rent Kimono while walking around the area to feel very Japanese. *Turning Japanese song in the background* Before anything else, I asked Hikaru, our tour guide, via email where can we rent our kimonos and he suggested Yume Kyoto Gion Shop. I visited the website and reserved a slot for me and for my sister. 

However, we were a little late on our schedule so instead of arriving to the shop around 2pm. I think, we arrived few hours before it will be closed. At least, we still have an hour to roam around and feel the vibes of Kyoto while wearing a kimono. Wooot! Crossed that out on my bucket list. Besides, it was my sister’s 18th birthday and I told her I will pay for her kimono's rental fee plus a photoshoot (taken by moi). Hahaha Package ang birthday gift ko. (*^▽^*) We both picked the package Choose  your own Kimono and accessories Plan. She added a full on hair set done by professional hair dresser and a decorative hair ornamental. For me, I controlled myself to splurge because it’s not my birthday so binigay ko na kay sister ang korona for that day, just tied my hair with a ponytail.(╹◡╹)

Here are the photos taken with our Kimonos in front of Yasaka Shrine:

The birthday girl. 

Was it cold? Yes it was. However, we did not removed our thermal heat clothes. 

Sisters forebs like I have a choice hahaha charot

Close up ni madam

I like her cute flower ornament in her hair.

That’s me! Tiis ganda besh, it was hard to walk. Tiny steps baby, tiny steps (^_^)☆

The Da Barkads. We belong! Haha I think they will go back to the shop to return the kimonos too.

Waiting to cross the road

This was inside the store. A lot of fabric to choose from.. it is hard to decide to be honest. 

Wait. There’s moreeeee

Kimono has a lot of layers of fabric. The package also includes obi, socks, slippers and bags.

The Verdict:

The store was in the 2nd floor with small elevator. Actually, the store was also small but the people working in the shop is every accommodating. There are many fabrics and packages to choose from. The packages available are:

Yukekyoto Pro's Choice Plan - they will choose for you, it includes kimono, obi, bag and sandals (socks not included). It cost ¥3,000.00 tax not included, in Philippine pesos it cost roughly around ₱1,300++

Choose  your own Kimono and accessories Plan - with your chosen fabric, includes kinomo, obi, bag, sandals and socks. It cost ¥4,000.00 tax not included, in Philippine pesos it cost roughly around ₱1,800++

Authentic Kimono Plan with haori coat - with your chosen full set from 200 designers's kimono and brand, it includes kimono, obi, bag, sandals, socks, decorative obi and haori shawl. It cost ¥5,000.00 tax not included, in Philippine pesos it cost roughly around ₱2,300++

Rental for Men's Kimono Plan - Kimono suitable for those with height between 155cm and 190cm. it includes kimono, obi, bag sandals, socks and haori coat. It also cost ¥5,000.00

Couples package - for not single hahaha i kid. For lovers, who wants to enjoy wearing kimono together. It cost ¥9,000.00

Additional cost for hairstyle, full on make up (for only Kodaiji Shop) and photographer.

For hairstyle - ¥1,500.00
Hair ornament rental - ¥100.00
Makeup - it ranges from ¥3,000.00 to ¥5,000.00
Commemorative Photo Plan only for 20 person per day - it ranges from ¥1,000.00 to ¥5,000.00

They also have services that your clothes will be delivered in your hotel and send the kimono to their shop via mail or you will go back to the shop for the kimono. For us, before closing we went back to the shop to bring back the kimonos and get our clothes too. Don't worry on how to wear or to remove the kimonos they will assist you. 

I enjoyed wearing the kimono, I hope I wore it a  little longer and went to other places with it. Next time besh alam ko na.  

Overall, my rating for them will be 4.8 out of 5 stars

For more information:

Website: http://yumekyotokimono.com/
Location: 300 Kitagawa, Gioncho, Higashiyama-ku | 4F Yasaka Building Across, Kyoto 605-0073, Kyoto Prefecture

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