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Wedding 101: Taste test @ Red Barn Kitchen - Town's Delight

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Here is the continuation of my wedding preparation post. Let us rewind the days from 2016. Hihi Today, I will share our experience with Town’s Delight, who was our wedding caterer. Town's Delight is our first and only choice so far because ever since from my 7th birthday up to my grandparents’ 50th wedding and hopefully until the present, we will hire them. My aunt is also a friend and classmate of Sir Andrew (one of the owner of Town’s Delight). We don't have doubts with their food.

In Red Barn Kitchen in Tagaytay held our food tasting for the menu in our wedding day. The place was so cute. It is like a house converted to a restaurant.

Red is very visible in this place. haha Hello, kaya Red Barn. :))

Instructions. Don't be shy to share your opinions with their food. 

Asia Fusion Salad

Salad with different dressing

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Everything, we have different food in our plates. They serve us each of every kind. I can't remember which one we picked. hahaha My pregnancy brain is acting up again. 

Here is my plate - the sure thing I will not forget will be the roast beef (my fave from their menu)

Dessert time - Crepe and fruits

Pastries platter vs. Fruit crepe and chocolate mousse - I think we picked the pastries platter so everyone will have plenty of choices.

Salmon with mashed potato for the VIP guest - they gave us 26 free salmon served in their tables

Our prime days. hahaha ang papayat!

Praying lang peg

We just move out and move in from a different place, our things are really disastrous right now. Once I find the folder I kept and used during the wedding preparation and hoping everything is still there I will update my post for the food we selected from the taste test. So far, as I recall most of their food were really tasty, unique and delicious. While we were tasting, we have our grading sheet for the food on our side. We discussed which one will be in the big day and crossed out that did not stand out. We also added an extra lechon station which cost additional 1k, the lechon was given by one of our sponsors. 

For more information:

Contact No.: (046) 483.5307 OR (02) 925.8574

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