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Office Attire for Women

Monday, June 03, 2019

Looking for office attire ideas? I have something for you today. It is your lucky day! As I have heard, there are a lot of college students that graduated from different universities that are looking for jobs during this season. Maybe some are already hired now. Maybe there are still confused on the outfit to wear. They should start dressing themselves with a little maturity but youthful. Sophisticated and elegant. They should separate themselves from being a student because they are now professionals. Hello, adulthood! Hello to paying bills and maybe family life. Before anything else, I want to share with you what to wear during work or even for interviews. When I was visiting this website called FashionMia, I got hooked with the interesting clothes they have to offer. It might be for special occasion or just for work.

 Here are my top 3 bodycon dresses:

Surplice Plain Bodycon Dress – This is simple yet elegant perfect for morning till dawn attire.

V-neck Plain Tie-Front Bodycon Dress – Wraparound dress are one of the basic items that a woman should have. It accentuates the waist of a woman. It gives an illusion of smaller waist. *wink *wink

Round Beck Plain Bondycon Dress – Another basic that every woman should have. Our little black dress good for any occasions.

Here are my top 3 cute tops for women:

If you are not that type of girl who loves dresses, here are the choices for you. Cutie tops that can be worn with pants, leggings or skirts. 

 Autumn Spring Chiffon Women Round Neck Bowknot Plain Long Sleeve Blouses – the details are so intricate yet so pure because of its color

Autumn Spring Blend Women Tie Collar Plain Roll-Up Sleeve Long Sleeve Blouses – this is one of my fave tops I saw from the catalogs. It looks simple and sophisticated. It can be worn with skirt or pants.

Spring Summer Polyester Band Collar See-Through Plain Long Sleeve Blouse – super loving this top. It is girly but seems like you’re a mature one. You are in the middle of I am not girl not yet a woman kinda thing. Let’s meet in the middle and compromise.

What's your favorite? Tell us, comment down below. 

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