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Personalized Planner Cover by Monchi Bonchi Ph

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The unboxing

Golden Arrows - Pattern

This is a planner cover - A5 size for my Bell de Jour (Essential Notebook)

Instructions to able to wash the planner cover. It is very re-usable.

This is my second order. The book cover then the ribbon was snatched in detash planner's group

Inside the book cover, it also has pockets 


1 Page At A Time by Adam J. Kurtz

One day, I was once obsessed to Hobonichi Planners but the price is hindering me to order from them. I just realize, I should just find a planner similar to hobonichi and buy my own planner cover. I kept searching and searching but it was really hard to find the things I was looking for. Then, I saw Monchi Bonchi PH I messaged her immediately via facebook. She was heaven sent. Hahaha She told me I could personalized the size I want for my cover and I can choose the fabric to use. So I mixed and matched it, I took me couple hours to decide. After few days, I received it. Wooot wooot Guest what? I ordered again for my book cover. Hihi

Final product with my additional add-ons. I added some cute fabric iron patches and almost everything from the planner detash group (bookmarks and diamond ballpen).

The Verdict:

Joanne was very accommodating and easy to transact with. The planner cover is durable and I am sure it will last for long because it’s been more than a year since I ordered my planner and book covers, they are quite good as new. It has useful pockets inside. You can put your bills, notes and other important things inside. It is also washable, the instructions will be included in you planner. Would I recommend Monchi Bonchi PH? Of course! To those planner addicts like me and looking for personalized planner covers or anything planner related. She could help you with your needs. 

 Visit her on her Facebook page Monchi Bonchi PH or follow her on instagram @monchibonchiph.

 I will give her and her shop a 4.5 out of 5 stars

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