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My Grandparents Love This Website

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

It was almost 2 years since we visited our grandparents. We all know because of this pandemic the risk is high for them. We kept ourselves here in the city and now that the risk is low. We have visited them last week. I can say my grandparents are “techie”, they enjoy using the present technology like smartphones. 

They also love to play games. You know what number 1 game they like? It is solitaire and sudokuHere in our country, senior citizens are less likely to go out because of the pandemic. They are one of the people who are affected during these times because of the social gathering are not allowed and mostly they will stay indoors. The routine they used to was gone in a flick.

I recommended them to try this website. Solitaire.org. They cater a lot of categories of games just like logic puzzle games, word games, mahjong games, hidden object games, card games, match games and more online free games. They love it. No ads and all free. My grandfather really complains about too much ads in the game app. Pop-ups are everywhere. So, this one is heaven sent for them. They play all day long without any interference from the ads. 

Here are my top 3 personal favorites:

Of course! who does not love solitaire. It is easy to play and most old people like me loves to play this card game. My grandmother also good at this game.

Garden Secrets Hidden Object -  I remember those days I am totally addicted in this kind of game. Maybe it is also the reason why I got glasses. hahaha I love finding hidden objects.

Lastly, the blackjack game. How I wish I could try it in the real casino but before trying it in the real world this is a good place to practice so my real life money will flourish. hihi

To everyone out there, visit this website and enjoy all the free games. Recommend this to your friends, parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents. It is surely be a hit. ;)

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