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What St. Albert Has to Offer Your Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


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St. Albert, the second largest city in Alberta, is often ranked among the best places to live in all of Canada and in 2019 it was named the No. 1 community to live in the province by Maclean's, a Canadian news magazine. In four of the the 10 categories it was based on, the town scored in the top 25 percent of all cities, including amenities, affordability, culture, and economy.

For families searching through St. Albert real estate while considering a move, this city truly has lots to offer.

It's Safe

A low crime rate is among the most important factors for families, knowing that the kids will be safe playing outside and you can feel comfortable in your home. St. Albert is exceptional in that it has Alberta's lowest crime severity rate as of the latest figures and both non-violent and violent crimes are around 11 percent below the Canadian average. Plus emergency services are readily accessible.

Great Schools

St. Albert has some of the highest rated schools in Alberta too. There are three school districts and students consistently rank above average in the province on standardized tests, regularly qualifying for scholarships. There are academic programs like Integrated Digital Technology, Learn through the Arts, Cogito, Sports Academies and more.

Outstanding Healthcare

One of Edmonton's only bedroom communities to have its own hospital, the Sturgeon Community Hospital provides pediatric care, cardiac care, rehab, women's health, emergency services, surgery, and more. Plus there are many doctors who provide general family medicine services along with specialized care.


There are many ways to feel like you're part of the community when you move to St. Albert, including opportunities to get to know your neighbors. In fact, annual block parties are a tradition here, with more than 150 typically held in any given year. Often hosted during the summer, they provide the perfect way to make the most of a warm evening, enjoying food and fun while meeting and mingling with those in the community. 

Green Spaces

St. Albert isn't all concrete jungle, it's a place where you'll find lots of ways to enjoy nature and the outdoors as it's jam-packed with parks and conservation areas. The Red Willow Trail system offers 53 miles of trails, over 20 miles of which is paved path. It winds through fields, forests, river valleys, along the St. Albert Place Promenade, and major parks like Lions Park, Lacombe Lake Park, and Red Willow Park. There are more than 100 parks and playgrounds for families to enjoy. St. Albert Botanic Park is a great place for a serene stroll, organized by theme for a picturesque walk through colorful flowers like lilies and roses, cottage-style perennials, evergreens, and flowering trees.

A Great Farmers' Market

Right in the heart of downtown, the St. Albert Farmers' Market is open on Saturdays between mid-June and mid-October every year. One of the largest in the country, it includes more than 250 vendors selling everything from fresh, local produce to high-quality market goods. There are food trucks and live music is hosted too.

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