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How to Train Your Future Chef – MUST READ

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Do you like to cook and be a future chef? Or your little one is showing interest in cooking? Why don’t you let him explore and find his passion on cooking? Magnify it. You can also show him the chef life by exposing him with culinary games for kids. It is also for adults too.

Well, my little baby girls love to play those games. She is starting to love cooking games such as the following games:

Penguin Café – this is a cute game, penguin characters on your cafe

Burger Maker – this is my personal favorite game. Simple yet the pressure is on by making a burger with different items on the list and you only got few seconds to prepare it

Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem – this is supermarket game; you will get the items listed for the customers

This kind of games really helps your kids to be knowledgeable with the real-life situation. For example, first of all before cooking you need to buy the ingredients in the supermarket. Then, chefs are always timed pressured. Those kinds of games will help your child to act under pressure. Lastly, they will have an idea on how a café works. Of course, if they have background with those games, it will be easily explained to the child on how to cook. Step by step let them be expose on the real-life kitchen with your guidance. Maybe in the future, you can enroll them to a culinary school.

I hope my little girl will be chef or a future doctor. Crossing my fingers

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