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Happy 2022!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


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Happy new year to everyone! I am excited for this new year, new me. Lelz The cliché phrase of everyone when new year is coming. I might be late posting a new year greeting but it is okay. Let’s just say I am fashionable late.

In a snap of a finger, it is already 2022. It still feels like 2020. The pandemic is going strong. The mother-father covid is still in our air and keeps on swirling and mingling to another virus. They keep on mutating and spreading all over the world. WOW! And if you are a marvel fan, let us call the TVA and tell them to kill all the covid variants. They should not be roaming around. Preserve the timeline please. (Watch LOKI series for reference hihi)

Since the pandemic, I learned a lot of lessons and I want to share them with you:

  • First, life is short. Life should not be boring, let us live a fantastic life.
  • Love yourself and it will radiate to the people around you.
  • Make memories with your family. Value them, show your love.
  • Stay grounded and humble.
  • Never stop learning. Always have time for a hobby.
  • It is okay to feel sad, alone and angry sometimes. You are human, you are validated.
  • God is good. He always provides and protect. Don’t forget to pray.
  • Life is too precious to hold a grudge on someone. Always forgive.
  • Play with your kids, they grow so fast. Show them a wonderful childhood so you will always be in their hearts.
  • Never forget to say, ‘I love you’ to your family.

It might be another year, but it is up to you to make it a wonderful life. Take an effort to live. Stop being stagnant. Let’s keep on moving not tomorrow but today. NOW!

I hope my post inspire you a little for 2022. This will be also a good reminder for me. This might be late but HAPPY 2022!!!

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