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Reshaping Pinoy Technical Vocational Education and Training

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Here in the Philippines, they have a stigma when somebody did not finish college. They somehow discriminated and look down upon on. They should remove this stigma, because everyone who is determined and hard working can be professional even though they just graduated from tech-voc in the Philippines. It is unpopular choice of high school graduates. For me, if you want to focus on your skills. It is a good choice and less expensive.

It does not mean, ikaw ay bobo. Pinoy tech-voc graduates ay hindi bobo. It has a lot of benefits. Some people who have graduated college sometimes still go to TECH-VOC classes to get certified. Some other jobs in other countries requires certification from the accredited TECH-VOC trainings.

Upon checking, they have reshaped TESDA. It has 2 tracks: product-oriented track and service-oriented track.

Product-Oriented Tracks

Service-Oriented Tracks

No pre-requisite

Pre-requisite: HS graduate

Only product quality control

Customer and Practitioner’s Protection Service

Do not require higher academic achievement

Service-Oriented professions are measure by quality of service thru customer satisfaction

This is measured only through quality control

It promotes respect, prestige and protection to the client and also the practitioner

Product-oriented tracks are designed in order to alleviate poverty and provide income-generating projects to barangay folks like stay-at-home moms, out-of-school youths, drug dependents, seniors/retirees, jobless folks, and surrenderees. Some of these product-oriented tracks are called cottage industries and can be done in the backyard or in a factory for SME. Some of these are:

Livelihood tracks aims to provide skills training to its target beneficiaries, to engage them in livelihood projects that are income generating. The training package for this track must include:

Salesmanship/Entrepreneurship, managerial, marketing and bookkeeping. These livelihood trainings are best for barangays and provincial training through Barangay Kasanayan para sa kabuhayan at kapayapaan (BKKK) set by TESDA. TESDA will also provide for the necessary tools and materials as well as equipment for this skill training.

The Service Oriented Sector/Industry are the following:

Only by professionalizing all Service Oriented Tech-Voc Courses will uplift the image of techvoc students, graduates and practitioners in the country.

Moreover, investment in learning technology and digital skills of tech-voc instructors and students can ensure lifelong access to learning opportunities and future workforce adaptability.

Good, high-paying jobs await qualified tech-voc grads. If only they’re given proper incentives, multisectoral support and a supportive policy environment, the tech-voc track can also be a viable alternative for young Filipinos who wish to lead productive lives.

We may still have a long way toward strengthening our tech-voc ecosystem in the country, but with a little help and support from the government, industry and academe, we are making crucial inroads that lay the foundation for the future. As we promote tech-voc to the youth to undergo tech-voc training, we hope that tech-voc professionalism and licensing will soon be implemented as well.

And hopefully in the coming years and decades, the state of tech-voc education in the Philippines would further be improved so that when we ask Filipino children what they want to be when they grow up, we hope many of them will also answer that they would want to take the tech-voc path and become a carpenter, a forklift driver or a farming technician. And by then, these children would no longer be laughed at nor looked down with the career choices they’ve made.

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