House For Sale

It's been almost 10 years since we started living here in P'que city. I fell in love with the place, with the people and with everything about this place. In those pass few years, we're still renting our house. OMG! like when I realized it, I started calculating the expenses in renting our house. Holy macaroons! nakabili na siguro kami ng house dito. Hay! I don't know why my mom kept on renting. Why don't she start loaning from the bank or in PAG-IBIG? tsk. Sayang. Malaking halaga din yun. It's so hard to rent, especially if someone in our home wants to move again. I personally disapprove in this idea. Lipat here and there. My gulay. Hindi madali maglipat. I don't have any permanent address. It could change within five years or so. I hope this year we could find a place to settle for good. We always look for some place to move, if ever the owner of our house is not willing to sell it. Gusto ko within this area lang din. Kung pwede lang dito na lang din sa subdivision namin.Even though, I'm not always talking with my neightbors. I'm sure that they are very accomodating and always willing to lend a hand. Last month, we saw this house on the other street, it's for sale na. I told my mom to take a look. She contacted the owner. When it's time to explore the place, naisip ko nasa yun na lang bahay namin. Sana doon na lang kami nakatira. Sobrang kakaiba yun feeling, when I'm inside the house. I really felt at home. Unlike other house we went to. May vibes ka na hindi, ayaw mo tumira doon. Pero in this house, grabe! Sana we're rich na lang and we have the money to buy the house. I wish it's easy like I'm buying a candy from a store. Pero hindi e. It takes time to have a large amount of money. From the day we saw the house, I kept on praying, praying and praying. I hope Diz iz it!I'll be very sad kung may nauuna makakabili nun. Pagkausap ko naman yun mom ko, parang wala na ko pag-asa na sa amin na yun. Nakakalungkot. Dapat think positive! Sana may work na ko. Pag mga financial ekek, I can't do anything. Naiisip ko na lang yun tatay kong wala na tulong sa amin. Puro kayabang, puro drawing. *hinga ng malalim* So yun nga, yung house. Help me pray, please! I need your prayers, sana wala pa bumili ng house na yun. Maayos ni mama yung mga documents na kailangan. Please tlaga. I'm begging. *desperate* Thank you! asahan ko yan. Love u.

Happiness is a choice. It's the journey not the destination.

It is totally true. If you want to be happy, do what makes you happy. Do things the that will trigger the joy in your life. No one will be happy, if you yourself doesn't know how to enjoy the blessings you received especially the small but a great help to endure happiness within.

There are things I encountered that I wanted to give up. I felt worthless. I thought I am alone. Yet, I still chose to smile. to be happy. to seek GOD. Every time I feel those emotions, I always pray. I needed God to help me survive the miseries that the world kept throwing at me. He is always there. Loving us unconditionally. He makes me feel safe and accompanied by His affection. Moreover, the love of our Heavenly Father keeps me alive from all the burdens that might destroy my sanity. The simple act of God is one of the reasons, why I'm happy right now. I can say with my simple life, I'm contented. Every triumph in my life is dedicated to Him. All the tears, laughter and sorrows is a contribution on how life can be meaningful. So trust God, He is the key to real happiness.
3 Days of Training

May 25-27, 2009. The days and nights of FUN. I know. My life is full of fun. haha. It's the way I live it. It's just way I roll. I never thought I'll be having such happiness in those days. I thought I'll just listen to the voice of the speakers for a lot of hours. But I'm wrong! We ate ate and ate. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.yes! I felt like, palamunin bata. tapos mamaya bebenta ka na kasi mukha ka ng representable sa katabaan. hahaha

I met new friends. Yeah. I like meeting people but sometimes I don't have the guts to talk to random person. Those days are days that u don't have a choice but to talk to someone, to anyone or to everyone in your group. I'm usually a shy and quiet person for the first time you'll meet me. In the long run, I'm the person you'll never knew before. I can be a shit sometimes. No one is perfect. Right?

Back to the story....
We had a very interesting activities. Tiles activities and helium churva. I learned a lot from those games. I learned to be patient, to volunteer, to listen, to cooperate and to be more friendly. Hoorey for my YELLOW team! HEP-AAAHH! We're 2nd place, a very close fight. Also Hoorey for the BLACK team, for the helium game. Even though I got a little irritated to the person besides me. We also accomplished the task, even though we are not the first group to finish. 2nd again! :) It's fine with me. Yung iba nga wala nagawa. hahahaha galing! I'm proud with my groupmates. I hope in the school they still remember my face and will say hi to me.

Guess what? who would thought that I'll carry another girl in my back/shoulders for quite a long time, GEZ! the horror. Sabi ko na e, the following day my back is aching. Nabigla ang aking uber sexy body. nyhahaha. thrice ko sya ginawa for the group. yeah beybe. Kakaalalay din sa first activity, contribute in my aching lower back. Dats what I call getting OLD. I need flanax. :)) I bonded with my co-JPCS members. Super picture! One thing no one will miss. Capture the moments, share the memories. I love it. I am willing to change. I need to improve myself and start taking challege in a higher level. God will surely provide the energy, I will need. TY in advance!

Finally, after the long planning I have made an action. Wooh! This is the blog.

Last year pa dapat. Unfortunately, I have no time. no energy. no idea how to start.

But now, this is it. You guys will uncover all the mysteries in my life. Especially the things or words I
can't utter in my mouth. I'll just express it in this blog. Please, this is only between you and me. me and you. Alright?! No one else. haha my secret blog. I hope no one will know. Pero me and my big mouth, I think I can't resist to tell someone. Maybe not now. LATER!hahahaha
I'll post the link in my other network sites and it's up to the people if
they'll bother to read all the non-sense I'm saying right now.
I have a lot of topics to talk about, I swear! I have a list of the
things I want to talk about or write about.
This will be full of swirls and scribbles of my

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