Weddings are so romantic! It can make a room full of blissful moments. The first wedding I have attended was this wedding, it was first after so many years. I mean "Church Wedding", you know not all married couple have the chance to have a "Church Wedding". Too much time and preparation for this event but it will be worth it in the long run as long as the people involve are really inlove.

The wedding was held at Rizal, far far away from Manila. It was wedding slash outing for us. It was really fun to attend weddings. I hope next time, one of my close friends will get married and I will gladly help them for their wedding to be special. *excited much*

wedding vows <3

The finale, "Kiss the bride".

This is me. Eating street foods in a fashionable way.
(dress-mogue, bag-nine west, wedge-step rite, food- kwekkwek)hahahaha
The sun was so hot that day. I'm soaking in my sweat while listening to the priest. My gad! haha Take note: don't start your wedding at the afternoon, your guest will die if the weather is too hot like me. hahaha I kid. Anyways, I'm looking forward for the next wedding to attend to. I really enjoyed this day. Yey! I also enjoyed to dress up. It is fun to be girly.

Happy Halloween to all! As a treat this Halloween special, we watched the Paranormal Activity 3 in theaters. Not so good idea. Hahaha Coz I am a little bit scared, hmmm.. Okey fine, I admit. I am scared. Hahaha I am not used to watching horror flick on a movie house. I hate the loud sound effects that will help me to be surprised and scream for no reason at all. Anyways, to be brave enough, I tried to watch it but one of my eye was covered or sometimes both of my eyes. Boo! I know. I’m such a pussy wussy. But I tried my best, really. It was a suspense horror movie. Do not watch it alone. 

the movie

Before the movie starts, someone was having a hair cut @ Bench Fix Salon. hihihi

Me - After the movie.. @Glorietta 4 rooftop outside Starbucks.

Glorietta 5 at night. :)

Queens at Bollywood @ Greenbelt 3.

Shisha and Booze.

Mixed sizzling kebab for the night. Yummy!
After the movie, we chilled for a while at Greenbelt 3 @ Queens at Bollywood with flavored apple menthol shisha, some booze and mixed sizzling kebab. We just blow our minds with shisha until we cough and our lungs can’t handle it anymore. Hehehe Then, when it’s already closing time, we went to Starbucks because we still want to wander our minds and exchange ideas with each other. Afterwards, we decided to go home. It was one of unusual night. Fun!