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SHOE SALE! Woooh! It was a good time to go gaga over shoes! Seriously, people (mostly ladies) where there to have a fight for what they want. SHOES! whether flats, stilettos, wedges, boots, sleepers or platforms, they were there ready to attack and I am one of them. hehehe

If the shoe fits, wear it.
Oh! Wedges!

Hot pink Gladiator sandals from Ninewest.

Me - trying some shoes that would fit me.

So Fab! They have a promo. "2 pairs for 999"
We spend our whole afternoon roaming and wandering for the right perfect shoes. I'll post it on my next entry. Wait for it. I forgot to mention the event, I'm SHOE in love, held in NBC Tent, The Fort. We have had a great time shopping!

Transformers - Dark of the Moon was one of the most awaited movie of the year. Of course! We must watched it. The first weekend of the movie was surely a hit. Many people also wants to watch it like us. One of my friends bought the tickets earlier, though our seats was not that good because we were on the left almost front seat, the only available seat for that time and day and cinema. My gad! The crowd was wild. The line was long. It was really a blockbuster movie.

Movie tickets --- from Jamie's fb

Tokwa at Baboy


Kathy & Jamie@the background -- The bida is ME. hehe

Couple shoes?? Nah! -- me & my bestfriend.

After the movie, we decided to chill, to eat and to puff shisha for a while @Cedar's, Bf home.Then, we ate pork chop @Atoy's Pork Chop. We like to eat. hahaha Never ending eating and chatting. Last venue was at my friend's house, we just said "Hi" and left afterwards because it's late and I need to go home. hihihi