# 1 - MINE
Every year since I became more responsible in my life (just agree.hehe), I started by using a planner. Yes! my handy dandy notebook like in the show Blues Clues. It helps me to be organize in all the aspects of my life especially the events that could or might happen. It keeps me on track. It is really helpful. My planners are slash a little excerpt of my diary. I put some notes and short "quotes made by myself". Just to inform me about my feelings on that day. There are times I am so lost in reality, it teaches to look back on the days that have passed by to let me realize and appreciate life in great new heights.

This planner is from Tomato. I bought it before Christmas and when I decided to buy my bestfriend the same thing as a gift for her, it was disappointing because it was out of the stock already. *sad moment for me here*
Tomato - the hot pink wild planner (fave so far)

Plus I'm automatically a member of tomato discount card if I register it to the internet.

# 2 - OURS
I have a second planner from Starbucks. It was given to me by my beau. He’s so sweet, he gained few pounds just to give me this planner. (I dunno if it sounds sarcastic.hihi) As all of you know, drinking a frap almost every day will make you gain weight. It’s full of whip cream and sugar equals tons of calories. Anyways, I decided to share this planner with him. So this planner is like our diary with our dates on it, future getaways and our sweet notes for each other.  Cheesy!

Starbucks planner (Cherry)

I hope in the end of the year we can filled this with happy memories, funny moments and adventures together. As we look back and open it again, we will share stories and laughter in what we have been thru over this year.
Show me a good time, 2012. <3
Hello, I know it’s late for a year-ender post. I’m in total hiatus in blogging. I am so sorry, let’s catch up. Well, 2011 was not a bad year. I meet new people and re-connected to some of my long lost friends. I learned a lot of values. I fell in love and still in love as of now. I have been juggling being an employee, a daughter, a friend and a girlfriend. I am always in search for a better opportunities and adventures. I went to some places with my special people. I dared to be different and unique but not main stream.   

The start of 2011 was really a good time for everything. Happiness and partying were the right words to describe it. It was total ecstasy to my family, to my friends and to my love ones. I started to date and meet new friends again. A little of bit of center of attraction won’t hurt sometimes. In the middle of the year, I started to be a little depress about everything. It was really not a good chapter of 2011. Confusion, dishonesty and different emotions took over to some of those months. I was losing my grip at that time but I fought hard. I risked almost of all my sanity. However, God is good all the time. I cast my burdens upon HIM and He helped me regain myself. Thank you so much!

As I end 2011, everything fell into the right place. I realized I became strong. I counted my blessings and appreciate the goodness of the Lord. I trust God that whatever trials I will encounter, I know He is there to guide me and let me know I am capable to survive it. So 2012, please be good to be. =)