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Sunday, July 12, 2009

****************I wish he exist.*****************
"One must desire something to be alive."

Basic Information:

Name: Unknown
Age: 19 years old
Place: Ayala Alabang, P'que City
Status: Single and available
Contact no.: 0927*******
Citizenship: Filipino
Course: Nursing, Architect, IT
School: DLSU, UP, ADM, CSB

Physical Aspect:

Eyes: Brown Almond Eye shape or Chinito
Nose: Not annoying to look at (one of the first thing I notice)
Lips: Thin sexy lips, cherry red
Teeth: In order *haha*
Skin Tone: Fair skin
Hair: Clean cut
Piercing: Left ear or none
Body: Medium build, not attracted to anorexic ones
Dimple: Cute :D
Clothes: Preppy or Laid-back; Plain colored polo shirts, no baggy pants, sneaker kind of guy
Perfume: Cold by benetton or any perfume smells like that and won't make me sneeze a lot
Nails: Clean

Get to know more:

Hobbies: Reading, Mountain Climbing, Traveling, Smiling
Sport: Basketball, Badminton, Swimming
Hangout: Home or room
Color: Blue, Orange
Movie: Anything
Music: Let the love begin *haha*
Weirdness: OC, laugh loud *like me*
Food: Chinese food, Japanese food, Lutong Bahay
Talent: Singing, Dancing, Cooking
Motto:"Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand."
Love: "Love God about all."
Personality: Responsible, Intellectual, Funny, Understanding, Sweet, God-fearing
Ambition: To be successful


    • He knows what he wants in his life.
    • The more he talks, the more you get interested.
    • He makes you laugh, even in his corniest jokes.
    • You don't get angry, even he teases you.
    • He listens to your stories.
    • He shares his secrets with you.
    • He shows how he loves God and his family.
    • When he tells you, he likes you. You never doubt his sincerity.
    • He loves adventure. He doesn't bore you.
    • He understand your mood swings.
    • He respects your decisions.
    • There is no sign of infidelity or betrayal.
    • He is close to your friends and family.
    • He knows how to fight for you.
    • You share both the same interests.
    • Perfect Gentleman.
    • You learn a lot from him.
    • He brings out the best in you.
    • He wants you, not because he is desperate, He wants you for being you.

Enough said.

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