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Heavy Rain

Friday, July 17, 2009

Classes are suspend for this day! The storm named Inang, Indang or whatever is the reason behind it. God. Thank you! There will be no traffic for me. I have time to do my requirements for this midterm. I have also time to rest. I have been feeling worn-out these pass few days. A lot of "aberya" happened to me starting last Monday. It started my week like hell. I don't have to elaborate. Because maybe you'll be wondering, some of my post was about "unfortunate events". hahaha. I'll be more optimistic starting from now. I'll look at the brighter side. You can call me Ms.BrightSide. hahahaha This is the effect of the growth session we attented yesterday by our Guidance Councelor, Ms. Rita. It will help me and my classmates to stop or to lessen from worrying about things. Trust God. Pray. :D

*Resting, one thing I want to do right now*

My love story really suck. Big time! I'm not happy with it. I guess it's too corny and becoming too long. Messy messy messy. I have too many ideas to fit in one love story. I'm almost there. Trying to finish it. Trying to be not sssooo cheessssyyy! At least I've done my best. Sometimes, when I'm starting to type my thoughts, I felt like I'll be writing a book. hahaha That's why it became Lame lame lame. I'll post it soon. You'll be the judge. Tell me, how it sucks. How it bore you. OK?! If I've time or shameless that moment. I'll post it early as I'm done.

Currently listening: Rain drops
Currently Doing: Love story
Currently liking this quote:
"If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm,
you’ll never enjoy the sunshine."

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  1. yeah optimistic. sometimes mahirap maging ganun lalo na pag andun ka na sa mahirap na situation.


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