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Expiration Date

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

All of us have our own expiration date. Today you're in and the next day you're out. Not everyone in this world has the chance to stay forever. Whatever, whenever, whoever or however the reason we will be gone, just like the wind. Even cosmetics have expiration date and especially the food! Friends can live you alone and have their own life same as with some family members. Nothing is permanent in this world. Emotions, feelings, anxiety and love can fade slowly. That's why enjoy until it last. Have fun until there's time. Laugh until you cry. Sing until you feel sick. Hope until you cope. Love until you die. Appreciate every little things around us. It may someday be lost and never be found again but still you have the time to reminisce, to learn and to treasure the memoirs that you have made thru the years, months and days with it. Value what God gives you. Don't ask for more be thankful. :)


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Currently move by this quote: "Learn from your failures, or you will fail to learn."

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