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New moon

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally, I have watched it with my friends. I am totally excited when I heard that "New Moon" will be in theaters on Nov.20,2009. Especially when I saw the trailer of the movie and when I saw the transformation of Jacob Black from UNNOTICED to HOT NOTICEABLE guy.

I knew this will be a block buster movie so to avoid hassle. With my own will I reserved some tickets and seats for my friends. I got the tickets 2 days ahead of the world premiere of New Moon. Very Good decision! *applause for me* I can't wait to watched the movie that time. I frequently smile without reason but to watch the movie.

*tickets! - line who wants to watch new moon*

Moreover, the time to watch. OA! the line was sooooooo loooooonnnngg! At least, we don't have to fall in line. We just entered the movie house with ice mocha and a cookie in our hands.

*look at the jacob! ssoo HOT!*
Fave scenes:
-the moment Jacob take off his shirt to wipe Bella's bleeding head. *HOT!*
-outside the movie house, Jacob suddenly held Bella's hand. *Mr.smooth operator! sweet!*
-the scene where Jacob went to Bella's room and they hugged each other. *take note: Jacob was shirtless, abs. abs. abs*
-Jacob doesn't want Bella to leave with Alice to go to Edward. *I felt the pain for Jacob*
-Bella runs toward Edward. She save him to break a rule.
-Bella was having a nightmare, when she woke up, Edward was beside her comforting her. *iloveit!*
-Jacob vs. Edward moment.

Everything was great! Most of the scenes I like and love was with Jacob. I'm so bias because I'm a team jacob girl. But in the end of the day, team Edward will always win. No can do! Vampires, the cold ones. Yah, I know. :)

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