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To Tarry

Sunday, November 08, 2009

It means to wait.

A came across with this quote while reading "Our Daily Bread". I want to share this with you.

"What a chapter might be written of God's delays! It is the mystery of the art of educating human spirits to the finest temper of which they are capable. What searching of heart, what analyzing of motives, what testing of the Word of God, what upliftings of soul. All these are associated with those weary days of waiting, which are, nevertheless, big with spiritual destiny."
-F.B. Meyer

*If I'm becoming too impatient on the events occurring in my life,God has His own way to tell me to be patient and to wait. Everything will fall into place in God's time. =)

Currently doing: Flyers for the designing of program shirt contest!
Currently on the mode for: arty mode.
Currently feeling: Relieve and becoming patient again.

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