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Crowning Glory

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I don't want to let everyone know that I had a hair cut a while ago but I'm blogging it. HAHAHA Oh! the irony. What the heck! Not everyone is viewing this effing blog, right?! Not like facebook that whenever you post something the whole world knows. This is just a secret sanctuary of my thoughts. Those who bothered to click the link will have an access with this thingy. They are the chosen one, the lucky ones and the Mr.Chismoso & Ms. Chismoso of the new millennium. I want to surprise my friends with my new look. Actually, my new look is not done yet. I want another hair cut. Shorter. Maybe after holy week I'll go to my trusted salon to cut more hair. haha I'll post some pictures after my transformation. Right now, it's a big question mark to you. Whoever you are! I'll describe my hair as of today. It is shorter than my usually hair. (my usually hair length was almost near my waist.) Now, it is less or more near my shoulders. But I want it shorter. I hope it will turn out great. I'm aiming for a new look that no one will recognize me when I walk in front of their faces. haha I can't wait. =) I'll update you soon. OK?!


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  1. OMG new hair do? and its shorter? nice! post some pics!:D

  2. @jamie: well, its not dat short. hehe sure, if im done with another hair cut.. i'll post some pics. =)


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