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10 Weird Random Things

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boredom beybe! So decided to blog about "WEIRD RAMDOM THINGS" about me of course. Maybe its weird for you, but for me its normal.
1.) I can't sleep without the turning around, here and there to find the perfect position to sleep. In short, before I sleep MALIKOT AKO.
2.) My routine before I sleep: brush my teeth for a long period of time (braces), wash my hands and feet sometimes I let it air dry, drink plenty of water, make sure the cabinets is close properly and put the blinds down. Finally, open my lamp. I can't sleep without lights. hahaha
3.) When I felt there was something eeekky, rough, or whatever it is in my hands that is uipleasant, I am so worried and very concern about it. I need alcohol or wash it right away.
4.) I don't like people touching my things and not putting it as it was before. Anger rush easily into my head. Don't even dare.
5.) Even though my stuffs are so messy and out of order, I can still notice that someone took or used my things.
6.) For some reason, I have a strong intuition to those people who lie, so I don't trust them easily.
7.) I love milo with or without water. PAPAK is right term to use. I also like it with my bread.
8.) I crave mostly with chocolate. That's why if I have one bar of chocolate, I can make it last for days. One piece per meal or per day. haha
9.) I have a crush on the guy for almost 8 years without knowing his name. I just know him by his face. I saw him mostly in the church or somewhere in our village. Sometimes I tried my luck to find him on facebook. Yah, what-a-stalker-I-am. :))
10.) If random someone is calling me, I don't usually answer my phone. I just stare at it until the call ends. Mostly, it is an accident, they forgot to lock their phone, luckily my name starts with letter A so they ended up calling me for the nth time.
That's enough for the day. I'm tired thinking. Until my next random thingy blogging..

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