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I'm Twenty-One

Thursday, May 12, 2011

the chocolate - too bad i have sore throat :|

blowing the candle

Happy Birthday to me! I have been living on this world for twenty-one years now. It seems to be easy, fun and enchanting but every life has its own problems, difficulties and struggles. I am thankful I survived. Now, I am a year older and wiser. I learned a lot from the experiences I have encountered thru out the years. I am still young; I still do need to improve on myself and on my outlook in life. I will never stop thanking God for such a wonderful life. He made me to be a stronger and independent person. He let me realize how magnificent to live with His grace and glory. Without Him I am nothing. He is a true provider. I am blessed.

My mom bought a birthday cake for me. The next day will be my day! CELEBRATION! Stay tuned on my next entry.... TO BE CONTINUED...

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