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Mother's Day

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day is a special day for all the mom, mama, mommy, moma, inay, nanay, momsy or whatever you call your mother, it is her day. This is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the presence of all mothers in the world. To thank them for carrying us for 9 months in their wombs, for all the sacrifices, for supporting us in our daily needs and just for making us a live here on earth is worth thanking for.  

This day, me and my mom went to Cavite to celebrate it with our family. My auntie slash godmother cooked some traditional Arabic and Filipino dishes. Yummm.. We ate, talked and played with my cousins or whatever we want we did. Mainly, we ate food almost every other hour. TAKAW mode. Sorry Guys. :))
Stopped by @Conti's to bought a cake for them.

The cake. YUMMMYY.

Kapsa Chicken Rice - Arabic food home made.

Going home. Stuck.

Another catch in my entry, we were stranded for almost 2 to 3 hours in SM sucat because of the heavy rain and flood. GEZ! Hassle. Instead of going home and resting, we were bored and scared the same time. My mom used all the possible way to avoid the flood. She succeed while a fell asleep all the adventure she had. We don't want to happen this any more! BOO rain! BOO you! :|

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