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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Lipstick from Etude

Red dress and lace jacket from Forever 21

Flowers from special someone
My 21th Birthday was a success. Another good news was the gifts. My mom gave me money to buy a dress from any store I wanted for my celebration. I looked everywhere and the store that caught my attention was in FOREVER 21. Every time I am in any F21 store, I have this overwhelming feeling. I can't decide where to go. I dunno what to pick because I like every item they have. My final decision is I got the sailor red dress and the black laced jacket. I also received a red lipstick and lipstick base by Etude from my mom's friend. Thank you for the flowers and letter and for everything I have not mentioned! Thank you so much! It's all appreciated. Till my next birthday party! yey! 

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