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My ZALORA Wishlist

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let me first tell you about Zalora:

Your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, we feature your favourite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands.
We are constantly tracking the latest fashion trends to make sure we offer you the most exciting products available. Our fashion tips and advice will allow you to shop with more confidence. --Zalora.com

What’s great about Zalora? It has many clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from. It’s like a mall online. It saves time and energy. If you are the girl on the go or just a busy person with no time for window shopping, this is the right site for you. Just browse, click, pay then they deliver as fast as they can. So cool, right?

Check out my wishlist from Zalora:
My Zalora wishlsit

1. Cape Dress Green Print by Chic Yamada
This dress is so elegant. I love every details of it, especially the tail of the dress. It gives drama and sophistication on it. The color green also symbolizes my birthstone, emerald. Indeed, this a perfect match for me. It will be a nice dress for my birthday too. Must-have-for-me. 

I love backpacks. I love anything with animal print. Combine them together, is a must have backpack. Kikay girls like me who like backpacks surely wants a bag like this. This can be used in sleepovers, getaways, gym, school or work. I am sure that the durability of this bag can last for a long long time. I need this bag for my upcoming getaway with friends. Must-have-for-me.

3. Africa Maddie Tankini by Anemone
Tribal prints are so in and swimwear are everywhere. But you are shy and a little conservative to wear 2 piece swimsuits? Well, fear not, you’re not alone. Hahahaha Because I think I am a little chubby but gorgeous. (chos! It’s my blog okie? Don’t you dare give me that look. Hahaha) I don’t have the guts and the body to wear skimpy 2 piece swim suit, all I can offer is a nice pair of Tankini. Sexy but not too revealing, it can also hide my unwanted fat tummy. Haha Must-have-for-me.

4. Stainless Steel Bangles by Gucci
I know. Just the word Gucci rings a bell, expensive! Ordinary person like me will take months to save and have a watch like this. I love the simplicity of this watch. Simplicity can also be timeless. If I’ll have a watch like this, I can wear it anytime, anywhere or any occasion. The design is chic. I love the idea that this is a stainless steel. I can use this for a long period of time. Must-have-for-me.

5. Suede Platform pumps by Wade
Platform pumps. Every girly girl has it in their closet for sure. I want one! Hahaha I can pair it to any clothes I want, example, with dress, shorts, skirt or whatever. Platform pumps can be with you thru thick and thin. Winter, spring, summer or fall. Formal or informal gathering. Go for pumps. I must say, it can also make the legs long and sexy. Must-have-for-me.


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