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Pasinaya 2012

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pasinaya 2012 was one of the events, where the artist performs and the art enthusiast show up to support the love for art, held in Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It was an open house event. People were allowed to bring their cameras with them during the shows unlike the ordinary days in CCP you cannot use any device to photograph or video, unless you are the official photographer of CCP. So of course! Photographers usually abuse this event to take photos of the festival. 

The Claravall School of Dance was invited as always on the event. Here we go again, time to support my sister. They were assigned in the morning approximately 11am, their show will start. As always, we experienced chaos while falling line. We arrived early around 9am because of the call time of my sister. After a while, I and my mom were too early for the line, so we decided to eat first at CCP Canteen until the next line was available for The Claravall School of Dance show. Unfortunately, we arrived like 30 minutes before the show and the line was so long. The usherette told us that we were not allowed because the maximum of the theater was only 100 people and the line already reaches the capacity. My mom was angry; she told the usherette that the parents and guardian of the participant should be priority in the line. Well, she has a point and the line was really at chaos, many parents were complaining. With our ninja moves, we went to the front line because of the classmate of my sister’s dad was there and my mom knows him. Thank you for the kind heart plus the ninja moves. 

Below are photos from Pasinaya 2012: 

the ticket you put in your wrist, the orange one!

dessert while waiting

tippy-toe (my sister)

Laro Pambata (name of the dance)

another dance number


me and my phat boddie
After the show, we ate lunch @Rai Rai Ken, Bluewave Macapagal Ave.

Sumo Bento

Rice Rice Rice
Rai Rai Ken, Y you not delicious?? Maybe their specialty are noodles and sushi. I did not enjoy mybento. huhuhu

If you want to see the last year Pasinaya, Click HERE!

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